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The THD System:


  • Proprietary Scope design allows for: precise needle rotation and penetration, accurate and repeatable ligation and direct visualization of procedure
  • Exclusive Doppler Probe provides: continuous pulse technology, "free moving" crystal vibration and exact location of terminal arterial branches


  • Doppler Generator
  • Audible verification of ligation
  • Fiber optic light source

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THD Light Scopes:

The Light-Scope line was introduced to provide physicians with a comprehensive series of rigid Proctoscopes that would be completely self-contained, have no reusable parts, require no assembly or maintenance, and yet provide excellent function and visibility at a reasonable cost.

Key Features:

  • The scope is made of Polycarbonate, an extremely durable and transparent plastic
  • Insertion of the Light-Scope is facilitated by a removable mandrel (obturator-like insert)
  • Light is provided by a high luminosity L.E.D. (light emitting diode) powered by integrated alkaline batteries located in the handle of the device
  • The light is initiated by simply removing the small plastic tab from handle. The light is cool
  • The white plastic distal tip (Light Spreading Tip) facilitates reflection and spreading of the light in the field of examination
  • The lens is provides 4x magnification

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